Is an all-inclusive wedding venue right for you?

“One stop shop… Everything was so easy”
— Janell, 2018 Bride

If one of these is true, an all-inclusive venue might be right for you...

  • You're busy and have no clue where you are going to find the time to plan a wedding. The average couple spends at least 120 hours planning their wedding- some spend up to 900 hours!

  • You're anxious at the thought of "pulling it all together". Between the details, the timeline, the to do list and the logistics… just the thought of it makes you want a glass of River Garden Wine.

  • You're overwhelmed with all the options out there. How do you know if the vendors are reliable? Which ones are good? Can we trust them?

  • Your a little nervous about how costs will add up and are really trying to stay within your budget.

  • You want to enjoy your engagement. One of my favorite things I heard from a bride about picking River Garden Winery:

dock shoe game.jpg

Myths of all-inclusive venues and why they don’t apply to River Garden:

  • It's impersonal or cookie cutter.

    • Not at River Garden Winery! Our amazing vendors provide endless options to choose from! There are hundreds of menu choices from for a delicious meal. Wedding cake? Cupcake? Or Dessert Bar?- You pick! If you have a design palette in mind- our rental company and florist would love to help you along the way!

  • It will cost more.

    • We believe the opposite is true. I know it can be scary to see the WHOLE cost right up front. It's easier to think you can find it cheaper. But I can assure you, our packages and relationships with vendors save you money. Guaranteed.

  • I'll have to settle for/pay for things I don't want.

    • Not at all! We offer a ton of custom options- if you don’t need something we offer, we are happy to remove at full cost.


Facts of all-inclusive venues (ours anyways):

  • You have a professional wedding coordinator every step of the way! We are dedicated to make your wedding as stress free as possible! We handle all the logistics for you- from booking the vendors, paying them, updating design layouts, day of details and so much more.

    • Are partner vendors can be trusted, promise! We have worked with them for years. Should an issue ever arise, we step in to help. Please don’t worry though, these vendors are really, really great.

    • We save you money, we have negotiated AMAZING discounts on your behalf. If you're skeptical, we can give you an exact breakdown of costs.

    • We have worked in a ton of options for you, giving you the custom feel you crave. You're one of a kind, your event should be too!


Things to check when comparing venues (plus our answers):

  • Are you required to use their vendors, either included ones or on a vendor list?

    • Guess what- at River Garden Winery- you are not required to use any of our partner vendors, expect the rentals, even then- if our rental company doesn’t have what you are looking for- we can help you find someone that does! We love working with new vendors!

  • What is REALLY included? (to me, this is the most important one!)

    • Venues will write a long inclusive lists to appear to include a lot. Read carefully. Make sure to ask if there are any additional fees: bar set up fees, ceremony fee, service fee, gratuity. If they mention wedding planner/coordinator/supervisor- make sure to ask what role will they play exactly in your wedding planning.

    • For reference, River Garden doesn’t have any hidden fees. All our packages includes: UNLIMITED wine and beer, food, cake, photography, DJ, wedding coordination (from start to finish), tables, chairs, china, and linen, centerpieces, you know, the major items! The only fee not listed is the 2.9% sales tax and if you decide to pay with a credit card, we ask you cover the 3% service fee.

  • If I remove an option from the package, do I get the money back?

    • Of course! All of it. River Garden Winery’s wedding packages are customizable! If your grandmother wants to bake your cake- we will remove that service. Does your aunt do flowers or cousin take pictures- don’t worry- they still can! We are honest with our package prices and will remove the full service charge for vendors you don’t use.