Is an all-inclusive venue right for you?

Facts and myths to help you decide!


If one of these is true, an all-inclusive venue might be right for you...

  • You're busy. You don't have dozens, maybe even hundreds of hours finding, researching and vetting the 7-10 vendors you need for an event like this
  • Your nervous about how costs will add up, "how much is a photographer anyways?!"
  • You're overwhelmed and are thinking about hiring a wedding planner
  • You've heard horror stories about "fly by night" vendors who take your money and disappear
  • You're anxious at the thought of "pulling it all together".  Between the details, the timeline, the to do list and the logisitics, just the thought of it makes you want to run to a Dr for some xanax

Myths of all-inclusive venues

  • It's impersonal or cookie cutter.  Not here, we let you choose everything, we give you more options than most venues.  What chair do you like?  Which of the 40+ linen colors would you like?  Hundreds of menu choices.  And SO much more!
  • It will cost more.  Actually the opposite is true!  I know it can be scary to see the WHOLE cost right up front.  It's easier to think you can find it cheaper.  But I can assure you, our packages and relationships with vendors save you money.  Guaranteed. 
  • I'll have to settle for/pay for things I don't want.  Nope, not here, we offer a ton of custom options.  But don't like one of them?  Remove them from the package, at full cost.  

Facts of all-inclusive venues (ours anyways)

  • We handle the stress for you!  All the logistics are taken care of by our wedding coordinator
  • Our vendors can be trusted, we got your back!  We have done the work of vetting them for you!  Should an issue ever arise, we step in to help.  That being said, these vendors are really, really great.  
  • We save you money, we have negotiated AMAZING discounts on your behalf.  If you're skeptical, we can give you an exact breakdown of costs. 
  • We have worked in a ton of options for you, giving you the custom feel you crave.  You're one of a kind, your event should be too!
  • With our payment plans, you can still pay for your wedding a bit at a time. 

Things to check when comparing venues (plus our answers)

  • Are you required to use their vendors, either included ones or on a vendor list?
    • With the exception of catering, none of our vendors are required
  • What is REALLY included? (to me, this is the most important one!)
    • A lot of venues will write lonnnnng inclusive lists to appear to include a lot.  Read carefully.  "Bathrooms, parking, ice, photo spots, tables and chairs, location options, etc"  Well, yeah!  Aren't those a given?  It's like getting a hotel room and they list things like shower, bed, chair.  Somethings should be a given, right?  I was reading a huge list of what a venue included the other day and even I was impressed, then I read it again.  Cake table, but wait, not the cake.  Bartender, oh but actually no drinks.  Those are very costly items!  For reference, some of the things we include: wine and beer, food, photography, DJ, wedding coordination, you know, the major items!
  • If I remove an option from the package, do I get the money back?
    • Of course!  All of it.