Wedding Guides

Hi, I'm Amy!

I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself, since if you decide to host your wedding at River Garden Winery, we're going to be spending a lot of time together!

A bit about me, I have been a wedding coordinator and event director for a little over 7 years.  I started my career working at a venue where I coordinated weddings full time.  Then I was recruited by a university in southern California to be the Director of Marketing and Events.  I have personally coordinated approximately 300 weddings in my career.  I love my job.  I am still friends with many of my brides to this day, I love meeting them while their engaged, being a part of their most joyous day, celebrating with their families.  Then, if I'm lucky, seeing them create their own families after their wedding day!  This job is truly rewarding, I hope I get to be a part of your day!

I loved my job at the university, but to be honest, I missed the day to day interaction with brides.  When the opportunity presented itself to partner with River Garden Winery I jumped at it.  I finally had an opportunity to create a venue that I knew brides would love!  I have seen so many brides want to enjoy their engagement, yet were stressed and overwhelmed by planning.  I always sort of had a map in my head of the type of venue I would create, and it has all come to fruition at this gorgeous winery!  

I set out to create packages that let couples have their day, their way!  With none of the stress, well the least amount possible at least!  I wanted to let brides plan, create and dream of their weddings, without the stressful business of finding vendors, signing contracts, keeping track of payments, etc. 

On this page I have created a series of guides that cover different topics of wedding planning.  To hopefully pass along some of my experience and knowledge to benefit your wedding.  Whether you choose to have your wedding at River Garden Winery or not, I want you to have the most memorable wedding day!

Should we never meet or speak in person, let me take a moment to offer you my sincerest congratulations!