The Venue

What is your capacity?

Our indoor space has a max capacity of 75. Outdoor tented receptions a capacity of 195.

What times of year do you hold weddings?

While our tents can be heated, they are still tents. So for the enjoyment of your guests we only do outdoor weddings from mid May to mid October. Indoor weddings, for less than 75 guests, can take place all year long.

What do you include?

In a word? Everything. Every major thing you need for your wedding, besides your dress. Catering, beverages, dessert or wedding cake, flowers, DJ and MC, photography, all rentals with many many options, and wedding coordination. In summary, book our package and besides designing your wedding, you're done! 

To further allow you to customize your day, we also offer a basic package that simply includes the venue, coordination, tent and rentals, catering and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Is an all-inclusive venue right for you?

What is not included?

There are 2 basic things you need that we don’t include.  These are your dress and officiate.  Pretty much everything else we cover.

Can I visit the venue?

Yes!  We would love to meet with you! Check out our Book an Appointment page or send us an email at to schedule a tour!  At this time, we only do tours by appointment.

The Packages


Are the packages customizable?

Absolutely! We're are not "cookie cutter" in the slightest. This is YOUR day after all. Everything, besides catering due to legal reasons, can be adjusted or all together removed.  And with that, our catering company offers hundreds of menu options!  So you'll have plenty of choices there as well!

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is incredibly straightforward. We have a flat package fee then a per person fee. The per person fee gets multiplied by your guest count, then added to the flat package fee.  No site fees, service charges or anything else. The only thing we don't include is tax, which is only 2.9%!

Why an all-inclusive package?

Because planning your wedding should be fun, not a full-time job! We have taken the business of wedding planning and left you with the fun. You get to choose and sample your menu, design your look with linen options, chair options, flowers, lighting and more!  The only thing we've taken away is the stress. These are your vendors, they work for you, we just handle finding, organizing, updating and paying them on your behalf.

Find out if an all-inclusive package is right for you!

What if I have less than 50 guests?

No problem, we can do weddings as small as 25 guests.  Because of minimum staffing standards (chef, captain,coordinator,etc), the per person price, does increase by $10.  Less people to divide everything by does effect our per person cost.  However, you're still only responsible for paying for the quantity of guests you have, so you'll subtract the per person charge from the applicable package.  For example, our packages include 50 guests, so the enhanced package is $79 a person, so it would increase to $89, but you'd subtract however many guests you have less than 50, from the flat package fee.  


Do I get to meet with the vendors?

Absolutely!  All we’ve done is bring them to the table for you, and saved you the stress having to find them and wondering if they’re great!  They are still YOUR vendors, they work for you. 

That said, we handle the business, we pay them, compose a timeline, coordinate guest and table counts, room layouts, etc.  You just get to go do a food tasting, design your dream cake, design your centerpieces, etc. 

Is there a food tasting?

Yup!  You’ll schedule a food tasting directly with the caterer. 

Cake tasting?

Also yes!  You’ll schedule a cake tasting and design appointment directly with the baker. 

What rentals are included

Everything you need!  The tent, lighting, we serve dinner on china and you get to choose which china.  You get a choice of 4 different chairs.  40+ linen and napkin colors.  Appetizers and cake are served on high quality plastic.

How does coordination work?

Coordination is provided in every package by Amy or one of her event coordinators.  The biggest thing is we coordinate your rehearsal and ceremony, we cue the DJ, get your guests in seats, keep groomsmen in line ;) and so much more!  For your reception we place your placecards, guest book, cake knife and server, favors and other small décor, within reason.  We provide you a detailed list upon booking.  



Have a question we didn't cover here?  Email us at  Looking forward to chatting with you!